The Turn of the Screw – Play – Book-It Repertory Theatre

“Turn of the Screw” stage play adaptation w/ Book-It Repertory Theatre at Seattle Center. Eerie gothic supernatural ghost thriller. But too confusing because of British subtlety. Was it all a delusion? #suspense

The Best of Everything – Play – UW School of Drama

Opening night to
Opening night to “The Best of Everything” stage play adaptation w/ the University of Washington School of Drama. Short, light, cute, simple, funny, fast-moving story (just how I like it). Great performers too. Digging the innocent 1950s vibe. #secretaries #workingWomen

Our Country’s Good – Play – Strawberry Theatre Workshop

“Our Country’s Good” play at 12th Avenue Arts w/ Strawberry Theatre Workshop. Celebrated the lifechanging power of the stage! Well-performed but ole English dialogue was difficult to follow. While I’m not a fan of cast doubling, it was done mindfully & intentionally. #Australia #Prison #Jail #Convicts #Criminals #Inmates

Dance Nation – Play – Washington Ensemble Theatre

“Dance Nation” at 12th Avenue Arts w/ Washington Ensemble Theatre. Great A/V, lighting, & lead dancers. Confusing soliloquy-like moments. Expected more cutthroat backstabbing drama. Disturbing nude locker scene, considering the adult actors played preteen characters. Wasn’t sold that they were all dancers.