Bethany Sees the Stars – Play – Copious Love Productions

Elevator Thoughts (aka Tweet): Happy closing last weekend to Bethany Sees the Stars world premiere play by Emily Golden with Copious Love Productions at West of Lenin theatre. The beginning reminded me of Dacha Theatre’s quirkiness and imagination. Unexpected twist at the end. #greekMythology

Synopsis from the Theatre: 15-year-old Bethany spends her days in an eternal funk. But when a letter arrives inviting her to be a crew member on the first manned mission to Mars, she has an opportunity to leave it all behind. With her journey fast approaching, Bethany must turn to the all-knowing constellations for the answer to an impossible choice. Funny and tender, this world premiere play is a cosmic meditation on hope, loss, and the ability of relationships to hurt us or heal us in our most vulnerable seasons of life.

Attended Performance Date: 9/2/23

Type: Play

World Premiere: Yes

Several or Few Scenes: Several

Several or Few Settings/Locations: Several

Prior Exposure/Knowledge Required: Knowledge of some Greek mythology is preferred

Defined Plot/Storyline: Yes-ish but the story wasn’t very extensive

Equity Actors: 0

Total Number of Actors: 5

Perceived Pace of the Show: Slow to medium

Length (Including Any Intermission): 2 hours

Intermission Included: Yes

Was This the First Time I Attended a Production of this Show: Yes

Would I See It Again 3 Years from Now: No

Recommendation: See it if you like shows about teenage angst, grief, and depression.

Other Rave(s) Not Mentioned in Elevator Thoughts

  • Human Cellular Chimerism Scene: Leanne’s (played by Olivia Lee) explanation of human chimerism from pregnancy was fascinating.
  • Lauren Megan McCarthy: Lauren switched between her two distinct characters (Fey and Andromeda) seamlessly.

Other Musing(s) and Observation(s)

  • Manic Pixie Dream Boy: The Atlas character (played by Lola Rei Fukushima) was a little reminiscent of a manic pixie dream boy contrasting with the sullen Bethany character (played by Jade Guillory-Kaub).

Theatre Company: Copious Love Productions

Venue: West of Lenin

Venue Physical Address: 203 N 36th St #204, Seattle, WA 98103

Price: Cheap

Dates: August 24 to September 9, 2023

Seating: General Admission Seating

Parking: There’s paid lot parking or free street parking. I can usually find street parking behind the theatre closer to the water.

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Other Video +/- Pictures: See pictures in video and under video by Brett Love.

Cast and Production Team: See after pictures and video below

@showsiveseen Happy closing last weekend to "Bethany Sees the #Stars" #worldPremiere #play by Emily Golden w/ Copious Love at West of Lenin. Directed by Kathryn Stewart. Starring Jade Guillory-Kaub. The beginning reminded me of Dacha Theatre's quirkiness & imagination. Unexpected twist at the end. Review: Photos: Brett Love. #greekMythology #theatre #showsiveseen #mythology ♬ Paradise – Aiden Myers
Bethany Jade Guillory-Kaub
Fay / Andromeda Lauren Megan McCarthy
Atlas Lola Rei Fukushima
Father / Perseus Daniel Christensen
Cassiopeia / Leanne Olivia Lee
Director Kathryn Stewart
Playwright Emily Golden
Stage Manager, Tech, & RunNik Nolen
Props Designer / Assistant Stage Manager Christy Fox
Lighting Designer Adem Hayyu
Sound Designer Alison Kozar
Costume Designer Fantasia Rose
Scenic Designer Jordan Gerow
Production Manager / Rehearsal Stage Manager Megan Merydith
Painter / Master Carpenter Garrett Dill
Company LiasonTony Simmons

Preview Post – Bethany Sees the Stars – Play – Copious Love Productions

Elevator Thoughts (aka Tweet): Bethany Sees the Stars by Copious Love productions at West of Lenin. Closes next weekend. Stay tuned for my full review/video!

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