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Elevator Thoughts (aka Tweet): The Play That Goes Wrong w/ Theatre33. Funny chaotic play-in-a-play w/ the slapstick hijinks of a murder comedy mystery.

Synopsis from the Theatre: From Mischief, Broadway masters of comedy, comes the smash hit farce. Welcome to opening night of the Cornley University Drama Society’s newest production, The Murder at Haversham Manor, where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. This 1920s whodunit has everything you never wanted in a show—an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines). Nevertheless, the accident-prone thespians battle against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call, with hilarious consequences! Part Monty Python, part Sherlock Holmes, this Olivier Award–winning comedy is a global phenomenon that’s guaranteed to leave you aching with laughter!

Reviewed Performance: 4/15/23 Opening Performance

Type: Play

World Premiere: No

Several or Few Scenes: Several

Several or Few Settings: Just 2 rooms in a house

Prior Exposure/Knowledge Required: None

Defined Plot/Storyline: Yes

Recommendation: See it if you like murder mystery comedies (like The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940) or chaotic slapstick hijinks

Was This the First Time I Attended a Production of this Show: Yes and it was my first time at Theatre33

Would I See It Again 3 Years from Now: Yes, if it was a professional production

Equity Actors: 0

Total Number of Actors: 8

Length (Including Any Intermission): 1.5 hour

Intermission: Yes

Other Musing(s) and Observation(s)

  • Perfect Scheme: I imagine this script is an actor’s dream. You could easily mess up or ask for lines without the audience knowing it wasn’t intentional and still garner some laughs with some improvisation.
  • Cast Age: As I mentioned previously, this was the first production from Theatre33 that I attended. I didn’t expect all of the cast members to be youth or young adults! I wonder how often adults perform.

Theatre Company: Theatre33

Venue: Carlson Theatre at Bellevue Collage

Venue Physical Address: Officially, the address is “3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue, WA 98007,” which doesn’t lead to the theatre. It’s better to use the GPS coordinates 47.58320939616845, -122.14925423992935.

Price: Cheap

Dates: Sorry, there were only 4 performances April 15-16, 2023

Seating: General Admission

Parking: $2 parking at the non-student parking lot #10 or #12 (GPS coordinates 47.582914377229656, -122.14761699020893)

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@showsiveseen “The Play That Goes Wrong” w/ #Theatre33 by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, & Henry Shields. Funny #chaotic #play-in-a-play w/ the #slapstick #hijinks of a murder #comedy mystery. Review: #theatre ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show
Role (This is a play-within-a-play)Name
Annie plays the stage managerLubava Kochergin
Trevor plays the lighting/sound operatorLucie Dolezel/Alex Agadjanyan
Chris plays Inspector CarterLilli Agadjanyan
Jonathan plays Charles HavershamDanylo Sakara
Robert plays Thomas ColleymooreEdward Prozhogin
Dennis plays PerkinsLucie Dolezel/Alex Agadjanyan
Max plays Cecil Haversham and Arthur the GardenerDaniel Polonsky
Sandra plays Florance ColleymooreEvelin Nitsuk
DirectorMarianna Chebotaryova
PlaywrightsHenry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, & Henry Shields