About, FAQ, and Contact Information

Who are you?

I’m Allan, just a mild-mannered oncology healthcare technology professional by day and theater enthusiast by night. When I was a college freshman, I vowed, “I’m gonna see a show every week when I grow up!” I finally graduated and now attend about 3 shows per week (more than 100 per year). I’m also an auxiliary member of Seattle’s only theatre critics circle, Seattle Theatre Writers. The auxiliary supports the selection process for the annual Gypsy Rose Lee Award nominees and winners.

Why did you make this website?

A lot of local shows are not widely publicized/reviewed and I thought this would be a cool outlet to show the world that there’s more to performing arts than the major touring productions. When people say their favorite musical is Wicked or Hamilton, I think “How pumpkin-spiced-latte basic!” Those shows were very good … but a bit overhyped. There are so many more amazing shows in your own backyard. For example, I was completely blown away by a local Seattle performance of Murder Ballad attended by only 10 audience members. It was so amazing that I saw it twice! I can’t say the same for many major touring shows. You don’t need to fly to the big apple to experience great theater.

What’s your favorite musical?

That’s really tough. Maybe Next to Normal or Legally Blonde … total opposites!

Will you review my show?

Sure … if I didn’t see a show from your production company that I hated! I’ll post a review of the performance if I get a free ticket or two. Any center seat(s) would be great! Front row usually preferred but definitely not a requirement. 🙂

I don’t agree with your review.

Leave a comment on my social media. I’d love to debate.

How can I get a hold of you?

My email address is “contact {AT} showsiveseen <D0T> com”

Are you single?
Ha! Yes. I’m lookin’ for a handsome nice successful man so we to buy season tickets together!