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Elevator Thoughts (aka Tweet): Bloodletting play by Pork Filled Productions at Theatre Off Jackson directed by Zenaida R. Smith. Filipino story about Aswangs with a queer spin. I felt like I was back in the Philippines! #Aswang #showsiveseen #theatre #palawan

See it if you want to reminisce about the Philippines

Synopsis from the Theatre: Under the watchful moon, estranged siblings Farrah and Bosley reunite in the Philippines to spread their father’s ashes in Palawan’s treasured underground river. They take shelter from a storm in a local café, where they open old family wounds and encounter an aswang, a Filipino vampire, who awakens in Farrah an ancient, terrifying, and innate power. Will she embrace her new-found power? Or let it destroy herself and her brother?

Attended Performance Date: 10/20/23 (Opening Weekend) – See my previous preview posts here.

Type: Play

World Premiere: No

Several or Few Scenes: Few

Several or Few Settings/Locations: Few

Static (Stationary) Set: Yes

Prior Exposure/Knowledge Required: You should be familiar with Aswangs. The program contains a good explanation. People who don’t know what Aswangs are (sadly me) and who didn’t read the Aswangs article (me again) might struggle understanding what an Aswangs is when watching this play. The theatre’s synopsis touts them as “vampires,” but that word is too limiting. But I guess there isn’t a western term that encompasses this Filipino concept.

Defined Plot/Storyline: Mostly yes, but there’s only so much that can occur with few scenes/locations

Equity Actors: 0

Total Number of Actors: 4

Perceived Pace of the Show: Slow, especially with the large amount of dialogue. However, it did help to have fight scenes where the Aswang used their power.

Length (Including Any Intermission): 2 hours

Was there an intermission?: Yes

Was This the First Time I Attended a Production of this Show: Yes

Would I See It Again 3 Years from Now: No

Other Rave(s) Not Mentioned in Elevator Thoughts

  • Scenic Design: The stage accurately portrayed what a typical eatery might look like in the Philippines in the middle of nowhere. It had thatch-like bahay kubo flair.
  • LeeLee: I probably enjoyed Anna Mulia’s portrayal of LeeLee the most. She portrayed mystery, youthful energy, and a good impression of a Pinay born in the Philippines.
  • Audio: The sound effects were well-timed and well-chosen.

Other Musing(s) and Observation(s)

  • Blood: For a play called “Bloodletting,” I thought there would be more blood!

Theatre Company: Pork Filled Productions

Venue: Theatre Off Jackson

Venue Physical Address: 409 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Price: Cheap

Regular Tickets:

Ticket Affordability Options: You can self-select “access pricing” on the ticketing website.

Dates: October 19 to November 4, 2023

Seating: General Admission

Parking: Paid street parking is usually available north of the theatre on the hill close to the park. You can also try free parking on Jackson Street closer to the I-5 bridge. As usual, there are paid parking lots nearby as well.

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Other Video +/- Pictures: See pictures in video and under video by Roger Tang

Cast and Production Team: See after pictures and/or video below

@showsiveseen "Bloodletting" #play by @Pork Filled Productions at Theatre Off Jackson directed by Zenaida R. Smith. #Filipino story about #Aswangs with a queer spin. I felt like I was back in the #Philippines! Photos: Roger Tang. Review: #Aswang #showsiveseen #theatre #palawan ♬ Monster – Riduan Richie
Farrah (Jen-Ai Clinton) forces Leelee (Anna Mulia) to her knees. Photo by Roger Tang.
Jenry (Sam Prudente) tends to an ailing Bosley (Matt Dela Cruz). Photo by Roger Tang.
Farrah (Jen-Ai Clinton) is struck by a realization sparked by Jenry (Sam Prudente). Photo by Roger Tang.
Chaos erupts as Farrah (Jen-Ai Clinton tends to Bosley (Matt Dela Cruz) and Leelee (Ann Mulia) sees to Jenry (Sam Prudente). Photo by Roger Tang.
Farrah (Jen-Ai Clinton) and Leelee (Anna Mulia) struggle over an urn of ashes. Photo by Roger Tang.
Bosley (Matt Dela Ctuz) and Farrah (Jen-Ai Clinton) suddenly notices it has mysteriously stopped raining. Photo by Roger Tang.
Leelee (Anna Mulia) and Farrah (Jen-Ai Clinton) engage in a supernatural battle. Photo by Roger Tang.
Leelee Anna Mulia
Jenry Sam Prudente
Farrah Jen-Ai Clinton
Bosley Matt Dela Cruz
UnderstudiesAnamaria Guerzon
Kendall Uyeji
DirectorZenaida R. Smith
PlaywrightBoni B. Alvarez
Assistant DirectorDavid Le
Stage ManagerOmar Faust
Assistant Stage ManagerAlister James Stern
Cultural Consultant and DramaturgEloisa Cardona
Assistant DramaturgAnamaria Guerzon
ElectricianRobert Lucy
Outreach Sam Qiambo
Props DesignerJessamyn Bateman-Iino
Lighting DesignerEmily Leong
Intimacy & Fight ConsultantJasmine Lomax
Set Designer and BuilderRobin Macartnery
Costume DesignerCorinne Park-Buffelen
Sound DesignerJosh Valdez
Social Media CoordinatorLinda Rigor
Production ManagerP. Alyda Sorm
Graphic DesignerKwesi Phillips
ProducersOmar Faust
David Le
P. Alyda Sorm
Roger Tang
Kendall Uyeji
Josh Valdez

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