Corners Grove – Play – Cornish College of the Arts

Elevator Thoughts (aka Tweet): Corners Grove play by Cornish College of the Arts at Cornish Playhouse At Seattle Center. Modern take on Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. Reminded me of TV shows about privileged California teens & young adults.

Synopsis from New Play Exchange: A reverent nod to Our Town by Thornton Wilder, this play follows a group of young people in the town of Corner’s Grove from high school into adulthood as they deal with leaving home, falling in love, gender identity, and the death of Whitney Houston. It’s a story about growing up and hometowns, friendship and drinking in parking lots.

Reviewed Performance Date: 11/6/22 Afternoon

Type: Play

World Premiere: No

Recommendation: See it if you like the original Our Town play.

Would I See It Again 3 Years from Now?: Yes, if it was produced by an Equity Theatre.

Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4 stars

Equity Actors: Zero but they were good.


  • I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the original Our Town (since I’ve never seen it) or this newer script but the play didn’t seem relatable through my POC eyes. It sort of reminded me of Dawson’s Creek or 90210 without the sex. Think of the MadTV parody “Pretty White Kids With Problems.”
  • I feel like audience members who previously saw the original Our Town would enjoy this more.

Other Rave(s)

  • The narrator had a great effortless feminine style.

Theatre Company : Cornish College of the Arts

Venue: Cornish Playhouse

Venue Physical Address: 201 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109

Price: Cheap

Dates: November 3 to 6, 2022

Seating: General Admission

Parking: Paid lot, paid street, or free street parking. The free parking is a couple blocks north as you go deeper (and higher) into Queen Anne.

Social Media Posts: Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Cast and Production Team: Under the video

Other Video +/- Pictures:

@showsiveseen "Corners Grove" #play by #Cornish College at Cornish Playhouse in Seattle Center. Modern take on #ThorntonWilder's #OurTown. Reminded me of TV shows about privileged California teens & young adults. Review: #theatre ♬ goodbye & thank u – Kira Kosarin
Sam Craig (u/s Halle, Luke)Adna Palic (They/Them)
Julia Webb (u/s Rebecca)Anika Thorson (She/Her)
Stacy McAllister (u/s Emily)Bryanna Finley (She/They)
Jo Crowell (u/s Julia)Catherine Tarlov (She/Her)
Simon Stimson (u/s George)Daniel Haskey (He/Him)
Melissa Cartwright (u/s Stage Manager, Wally)Emma Majewski (They/Them)
Halle Newsome (u/s Stacy)Emma Chang (She/Her)
Rebecca GibbsHattie Mae Rich (They/Them)
Luke Lorberbaum (u/s Simon)Jasper Law (He/Him)
Stage Manager (Character)Jo Branchflower (She/Her)
Lou Soames (u/s Vi, Sam)Kendal Butin (She/They)
Belligerent Audience Member,
Madeleine Beckner (She/They)
Maddy Pulaski (They/She)
Vi Crowell (u/s Joe)Vanessa (u/s Melissa, Lou)
Wally WebbMario Espinoza (He/They)
George GibbsPeter Schafer(He/They/She)
Emily WebbSena Hanson-Walker (They/Them)
Playwright and DirectorKaela Mei-Shing Garvin (They/She)
Technical DirectorMatthew McCarren (He/Him)
Assistant DirectorWill Boyer-Montgomery (He/They)
CarpenterKevyn Jordon-McKind (She/Her)
Intimacy DirectorSarah Harlett (She/Her)
Stage ManagerLarcyn Burnett (They/Them)
Scenic DesignerPaige Arseneau (She/They)
Assistant Stage ManagerAlex Walker (They/He)
Costume DesignerCaden Green (He/They)
Assistant Scenic Designer & Lead CarpenterEmma Boyd (She/Her)
Lighting DesignerCami Taliaferro-Barber (She/Her)
Assistant Lighting DesignerLocke Landis (He/Him)
Sound DesignerEmily Doorenbos (They/She)
Charge Scenic PainterJessica Christensen (She/Her)
Dresser/Stage HandBen Barton (He/Him)
Hero Stroverud-Myers (She/her)
Run CrewEm Weihofen (They/She)
Spot OpNolan Spencer (He/Him)
Light Board OpDominique Salas
Performance Production Area HeadMelanie Burgess (She/Her)
Visual & Performing Arts Production ManagerGavin Yehle (He/Him)
Theatre Department Faculty ChairSheila Daniels (She/Her)
Scenic/Props Design AdvisorMatthew Smucker (He/Him)
Scene Shop SupervisorMatthew McCarren (He/Him)
Production Lab InstructorAmy LaZerte (She/Her)
Lighting Design AdvisorPeter Maradudin (He/Him)
Props & Paint SupervisorJessica Christensen (She/Her)
Director of CSESPinky Estell (He/Him)
CSES Technical SupervisorMarc Mixon (He/Him)
Sound Design AdvisorTom Fallat (He/Him)
Costume Shop Supervisor & Practicum AdvisorCarl Bronsdon (He/Him)
Patron Service ManagerTony Rinehart (They/Them)
Stage Management AdvisorBret Torbeck (He/Him)
Theatre / Performance Prodcution Department CoordinatorRachel Brinn (She/Her)

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